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a full service film/TV/marketing production company


Business is Business
  • award-winning films
  • highly-rated original FAST TV content
  • catalog film/tv podcast
  • amazon Top 100 best-selling book
  • trailers, websites, social media marketing
  • business stuff
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Ooze Productions has played a role in almost every aspect of creating and bringing a film or television show to audiences including creative development, financial aspects, the production process, physical and digital distribution, as well as providing marketing support for a number of recent projects.

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Watching Ooze


pop culture coffee table book currently in print which previously hit #75 on the Amazon Hot 100. Developing “The Finger: A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off – 2500 Year Anniversary Edition” available 2024 in both digital and physical formats


currently producing The Archive Guys, a film/TV podcast focusing on rare and hard-to-find releases and media history. past co-hosts  and producers of the Warner Archive Podcast (2011-2021)


Produced 300 half-hour episodes of Conan O’Brien TV for Samsung TV Plus. Currently working on launching a new FAST channel featuring Tabletop Role-playing Games

Media Business Strategy

We know things, and we make PowerPoints to prove it

Feature Films

2023 will see the release of Lunamancer, an Ooze Production and winner of multiple film festivals nation-wide. Coming to VOD, AVOD and Blu-ray Disc

Social Media

Created copy, images and videos for a variety of clients in entertainment, non-profits, and financial services

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems. ISSUING SMALL INVOICES.


Exceptional entertainment produced at a fraction of the cost in a multitude of minutes. Guaranteed to fill the void in the hearts of hundreds!


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects


land line is the best line

Businesses need businesses to create business

Businesses are interdependent and rely on each other for various resources, services, and partnerships. These interconnections create a thriving ecosystem that supports economic growth and innovation.

It’s advisable to meet with representatives from Ooze Productions, discuss your project in detail, and review any proposed agreements or contracts. A successful partnership with a production company hinges on shared goals, open communication, and a clear understanding of each party’s roles and responsibilities in bringing your visions to life.

Our Finest Work

Important works of art.

Lunamancer (2023)
Half-hour Dramedy Pilot
A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off

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